This month we turn our eyes, ears and mixing talents to the great taste of opportunity: rich in character, unique in personality, a flavor of success that you can call your own.  In this issue of the Lounge Lizard Libation we ask, are you ready to seek and find the opportunities that are appearing every minute of every day in this rapidly changing economy?  Don't settle for the tastes that leave you unsatisfied.  Let us mix you up something special - and serve you the success you're craving.

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The Nearest Star: How A Brand Workshop Can Launch Powerful Campaigns
Are your most lucrative opportunities always the best ones to pursue? Not always.

No two businesses are the same. They don't control the same resources, enjoy the same market positions or share the same long term goals; a profit in easy grasp of one company may be completely out of reach of another. The success of any new marketing campaign depends on an honest and objective appraisal of the unique qualities of your business, as well as the opportunities that exist in your market.

To ensure that your marketing campaign has every chance to succeed, we at Lounge Lizard start every new project with our Brand Workshop. This is where we go beyond the standard questions and likely talking points, and get right to the heart of the matter: where your business really stands competitively in your market. Starting with a comprehensive analysis of your target audience, we design a complete strategic initiative that profiles your business in terms of four basic dimensions.

Strengths. What are your competitive assets? Every business possesses unique and positive internal qualities that help them achieve their marketing objectives. Dynamic customer service; low debt and fiscal solvency; a strong, preexisting brand; the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions. These are the strengths that make you successful - and the ones our Brand Workshop is designed to leverage.

Weaknesses. These are the internal attributes of your firm that may be actively detrimental to the pursuit of your marketing objectives. They may not be general weaknesses; in other contexts, they may be in fact be considered strengths. But by determining these factors ahead of time, we can assure that your marketing strategy is appropriate to your situation.

Opportunities. In our Brand Workshop, opportunities are any external circumstances - great or small - that provide a boost to the pursuit of your marketing goals. Any outside condition that can be turned to your advantage is an opportunity, and a ripe target for strategic positioning.

Threats. Threats are any external conditions - an obstacle, an overpowering competitor, a specific danger or risk - that may act against the achievement of your marketing goals.

In our Brand Workshop, we carefully analyze these four dimensions in relation to each other and to the competitive field in which your business is operating. More than simply a strategic roadmap, our Workshop often acts as a springboard for new ideas and insights, revealing qualities and conditions that no one had before considered. Most importantly, it reveals a clear picture of the opportunities truly within your grasp - as well as the risks that are banging on your door.

Don't gamble your campaign on guesswork. Analyzing your company's strategic position and target audience objectively will allow you to accurately see opportunities for what they are: unequal among peers, open to some and closed to others, a waste of energy for one company and the road to long term profit for another.

It doesn't always make sense to reach for the highest, brightest star in the sky. Often, the greatest opportunities available to you are available only to you - and to the rare and unique character of your firm. And those stars are often much closer than you think.

Learn more about how Lounge Lizard's Brand Workshop creates successful campaigns.

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Tasty Tip:
Know your audience.
Every website attracts unique demographics. Are your visitors running the latest-and-greatest software? Should you be adding support for legacy browsers? Your website analytics hold the answers. Successful projects base their web strategies on the numbers.

Tech Tip
Future Proof your Website
The browser wars have been heating up again lately. Major version milestones for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari are just around the bend. Google has even entered the mix with their new Chrome browser. Has your website been tested for these upcoming releases? While you're at it, why not update your site to take advantage of all the new technology being introduced. It's time to one up the competition!

Ask the Tech Heads at Lounge Lizard if you are prepared, and what you can do to impress the early adopters.

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Last Call: Windows Closing, Doors Opening
In a world where change is unending, opportunities emerge faster than the economy can capture them. With each new turn of events, every shift in popular opinion or advance in the global reach of technological progress, a world of closing windows is also one where new doors open every day.

Lounge Lizard Worldwide provides the tools your business needs to profitably capitalize on the finest opportunities available in your markets. Ask us today how our experts can help you win more customers today - while building a bridge for long term success and revenue growth.

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