We're back in the office, full of turkey and stuffing and all set to serve up a buffet of delicious holiday treats for our Libation readers. Now is the perfect time to evaluate your online marketing strategies, and plan for a challenging - but prosperous - New Year. So let's get started!

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Keep Your Website Fresh -
And Your Visitors Hungry For More

Launching an attractive, innovative Web presence is only the beginning of a company's Internet marketing efforts, and for many businesses the easy part. The greater task unfolds over time: a great launch must be leveraged into a growing and dynamic campaign that transforms a one-time advertising investment into a long term business driver.

Many businesses abandon their efforts shortly after launch - and for a time, coast on momentum. But then their website begins to grow stale. Conversions begin to vanish as repeat visits diminish. New visitors falter as search engines find other, more interesting websites to rank. Before long, what was once a promising Web powerhouse is just another forgotten domain name - and an important marketing investment, just another business expense.

Planning and executing a careful strategy for updating and maintaining your website is vital for extracting a maximum return on investment over the long term. Fresh content keeps Google and other search engines happy, attracting new visitors and giving old ones great reasons to keep coming back. But how do you find the time, energy or resources you need to keep your website fresh when you have a business to run as well?

Use a CMS. A feature rich CMS (Content Management System) will automate much of the website updating process, eliminating much of the chores involved with adding and changing your online content.

Consider outsourcing. A dedicated professional writer can often produce quality online content faster and more reliably than your office staff. Considering outsourcing your content creation to an outside creative firm or copywriter who won't view updating your website as a side task best done on a slow day.

Launch a blog. The blog format is usually less formal and more personal than other forms of online content, making it ideal for quickly producing content about timely issues. It's also a great way to regularly generate large amounts of fresh website material.

Leverage your users. Did you know that your most eager writing staff is willing to work for free? Find ways to get your users involved, offering feedback or writing guest articles or blog entries. Bringing your users into the effort is a terrific way to generate endless fresh material, while encouraging a greater number of repeat visits - and sales.

Don't let your website grow stale.
Keep it fresh with strategies enjoyed by truly successful marketers - and build the long term Web presence that not only increases sales, but attracts loyal visitors as well.
Tasty Tip:
Often, free is the most expensive price of all. Don't be afraid to pay for guaranteed uptime, 24/7/365 technical support and a proven track record. Extended downtime can be a lot more expensive to a business, particularly in terms of lost sales and damaged credibility.
Pouring Your Trust Into A Host That Lasts
Your website is only as good as the company that hosts it. Is your website on a dedicated server, provided by a reliable firm that offers comprehensive and professional technical support? Don't find out the hard way. A dedicated host provider delivers much more than simply a place to park: save money now by carefully choosing a host that you can count on.

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As 2008 draws to a close, we at Lounge Lizard Worldwide are looking back over a great year and plotting new ideas, directions and winning strategies for our clients. Economic uncertainty always carries with it grand opportunities for those willing to pursue them. So stay tuned: keep reading the Lounge Lizard Libation for more ways to win online in 2009!

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