Greeting from Lounge Lizard!  As we wind down 2009, economic events are becoming overshadowed by the opening moves in the next great technology boom: the advent of mobile omnipresence.  No less groundbreaking than the Internet explosion or the microcomputer revolution that preceded it, this new era of the smart phone is poised to deliver powerful opportunities for those ready to capitalize on them.

Transformations abound in how we communicate, how we define ourselves, and how we stake our places in the world and in the lives of others.  As the new year beckons, are you still stuck in the marketing world of yesterday?  Or are you ready to take the lead in the next wave of personal communications?

Engage hearts and  transform minds. Build markets and reinvent   identities. With a bold palette of mobile  technologies, social  networking systems and creative Web savvy, we   deliver the interactive magic that will revolutionize your  digital marketing.

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Mobile Projects
BPM - Metronome & Tap Tempo
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BPM is a multi-purpose app for musicians, DJ's, producers, and sound engineers. It combines an accurate metronome and a tap tempo, and runs on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app comes with 3 carefully designed skins, each having their own unique interface features.

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High Feedback: Mobile Interactive's Power To Transform Markets
Most of the history of sales and marketing, dating back to the most ancient street bazaars, can be told as the long story of human beings making the most of feedback. From the very beginning, human commerce in our world has rested on the pivot of negotiation - of an offer being made, taken or rejected or countered, and ultimately being crafted into an acceptable trade. At the very heart of it all has been feedback, the simple discovery that every action has a balancing reaction.

Feedback serves an important psychological function as well: it allows us to differentiate reality. When we can touch fine leather and appreciate the smooth texture under our fingertips, or listen to a Bach concerto and be moved by it, or savor the essence of a fine wine on our lips, feedback is at work. Our actions spur reactions. And the richer, more detailed and more vibrant the feedback is that we receive, the more "real" we accept its underlying reality to be.

Since the Industrial Revolution, advertising has traditionally been a low feedback affair. Billboards. TV commercials. Magazine ads. One-sided conversations, projecting messages intended to inspire one and only one type of consumer feedback: the sale. In this model, the give-and-take negotiation over the trading table is lost. And with the natural feedback cycle disrupted, these sales methods have suffered at the hands of more interactive diversions.

All that began changing when advertising became interactive. Businesses discovered feedback again. And the forward motion of personal mobile communications technology - from the earliest microcomputers to the latest smart phone - has created a field of opportunity based on richly augmented experience and immediate, precision feedback. The power of these new mobile platforms, and the messages designed to seamlessly integrate with them, offers a sales paradigm of high feedback.

Consider just a few of the "high feedback" smart phone applications in service today:
Bumping. A number of businesses have discovered the obvious, that smart phone users want to make it easier to connect with each other. Bumping apps use motion feedback to enable two phone users to instantly trade contact information via their phones - simply by "bumping" their fists together while holding their phones. With a single gesture, instant feedback becomes instant value.

Find Your Restaurant. Not all Italian dinners are created equal, and not all restaurant reviews hold true for everyone. When you find yourself in a strange city, in search of a delicious meal that you can call your own, can you quickly consult your smart phone to locate just the right eatery for your tastes? With many new applications today, you can - and, with a few screen taps, you will.

Augmented Reality. The newest inroad into mobile communications power today is in the world of augmented user experience, of integrating important information onto the real time input of your smart phone camera. Not sure where you left your car parked? Check your camera: your iPhone viewfinder will lead the way. Do you want to find the nearest available Wi-Fi hotspot? Your camera can guide you to the easy Internet access closest to you. For businesses eager to extend their brands into everyday life, the opportunities presented by augmented reality applications are unlimited.

Social Brands. Savvy marketers are exploring new ways to create feedback interactions with their brands using iPhone social networks. This year, one major donut franchise launched an iPhone app allowing customers to quickly organize group coffee breaks for bagels and crullers. A prominent car maker released a driving simulation game, offering iPhone users a spin around the block in their latest car models. From food to cars, clothes to books, smart phone applications are being released every day to build new levels of brand feedback directly into the user experience.

Each of these applications - and many thousands of others being developed and enjoyed today - share at their hearts the single powerful quality of high feedback. They reinvent the art of negotiation, bringing the consumer back to the street bazaar by putting the trading table right into their coat pocket. Faster, more accurate, more tailored to their particular tastes: the marketing power of high feedback is quickly redefining everything that we thought we knew about sales.

Is your business keeping up? Are you offering your customers the direct connections and social experience that they are coming to rely upon in their everyday lives? As you plan the next steps for your marketing programs in the coming year, take advantage of this dynamic opportunity to win loyalty and capture market share.

Cultivate high feedback - your customers will reward you for it.

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Tasty Tip:
Embracing Google APIs
Google is the host of a number of developer tools and APIs that add can add value to your website. While Google Maps is one of the most commonly used APIs, there are plenty to investigate. Charts, Checkout, Friend Connect, Gadgets, OpenSocial, Visualizations, and more!

Tech Tip
The Android Platform
According to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, Android adoption is "about to explode". With 12 Android-based phones out, and more on the way, now may be the time to assess integrating the Android platform into your mobile strategy. The iPhone has shown us how mobile apps can be used to deliver powerful marketing messages to the masses. Clearly, the next era of mobile computing is upon us. If you want to enhance your brand's reach, and achieve new levels of user engagement, it's time to get on board.

Talk to Lounge Lizard today about how to you should approach Android and the rest of your mobile marketing strategy.

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Turning The Page And Creating Tomorrow
The new year is upon us, complete with hope and promise, turning the page of 2009 and embarking in new and exciting directions for us all. New ideas, startling innovations and dynamic challenges will define new successes and create tomorrow's leaders. 2010 is here and waiting for us.

We at Lounge Lizard Worldwide wish you a happy new year and look forward to helping you win new prosperity and market growth in 2010. As the recession recedes and new growth begins, will you be prepared to take advantage of it? Stay tuned for future issues of the Lounge Lizard Libation: your guide to the cutting edge in interactive taste and marketing insights.

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