Have you ever noticed that February seems to be the month for innovations? Every year at this time, successful businesses around the globe exame their market positions and launch new strategies to capture and expand their growing markets. The drive towards creative innovation only grows when the economy tightens: what are you doing to compete and succeed in a more aggressive marketplace?

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The Brand Gap: Why Interactive Brands Succeed When Advertising Fails
It's a common tale of conventional wisdom. Your business has always advertised, but in recent years the investment returns on your marketing efforts have diminished. You have a website, but question how effective it is in generating new business. You've tried SEO, PPC, and a list of other acronyms and have been left unsatisfied with the results.

Your audience is becoming less responsive to advertising, and the reason is easy to see: there's so much of it in the world, pushing products and services to increasingly jaded consumers. Today's more sophisticated audience knows all too well that advertising exists to create and sustain high expectations - all too often, elaborate promises left unfulfilled by the consumer's actual experience. The gap between carefully managed hyperbole and the lasting, satisfied customer memory is the one you must bridge, and today conventional advertising takes you only partway there.

Online interactive marketing offers a paradigm that folds the user entirely into the branding process, bringing expectation and experience together into a single seamless whole - and creating sustainable, leveraged ROI that expands with time rather than contracts. A carefully planned interactive branding campaign succeeds by offering the user:

• Control. In an interactive brand, the user becomes the driving element, shaping their own experience with your brand at will and making it their own. That sense of control offers them a special value that conventional advertising cannot match.

• Self-interest. Why will your visitors return? Why will they draw others to follow them? Because your interactive campaign appeals to their self interest, delivering an immediate experience that improves the quality of their lives. Meanwhile, an interactive brand provides you with constant, immediate, accurate feedback about the needs and preferences of your audience on a scale that conventional market research cannot match.

• Identity. In the most successful interactive campaigns, the user's newfound sense of empowerment allows them to embellish and enhance their own sense of identity. Your audience is no longer a group of prospects awaiting conversion: they are capable, independent agents. And your campaign offers them a chance to prove it.

• Relationships. The latest generation of interactive brands - social networks - incorporate their visitors' personal relationships directly into the brand experience. By transforming their advertising strategies into dynamic, engaging communication platforms, successful interactive campaigns build digital relationships that extend into everyday lives and, ultimately, purchasing patterns.

Interactive branding represents not merely a new twist on conventional wisdom, but an entirely different way of thinking about your relationship with your consumer - and about the gap between expectation and experience. As you consider your options for developing your brand online, think past traditional advertising. Today's increasingly more sophisticated audiences expect more from their consumer experience, and your business will thrive if you can provide it.
Tasty Tip:
As a business owner, you know how important it is to provide open channels of communication for your clients. Displaying your company email address prominently on your website ensures that existing customers and new sales inquiries can reach you. What you may not know is that you have inadvertently opened the spam floodgates.  
Tech Tip
Tired of fighting SPAM? Take control of your inbox
Every day, automated programs make their way across the web, harvesting your contact information and developing mailing lists. These so-called “spambots” have no trouble finding your email address, which is being delivered right in the content of your page, and using it to inform you of the latest pharmaceutical products and stock tips. Fortunately, there are advanced methods which use javascript to help secure your contact information, and save you time and aggravation.

Talk to the Tech Heads at Lounge Lizard about how you can keep your mailbox out of the clutches of junk mail.

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As the economy tightens, your business has a choice: you can keep the status quo and hope to survive the downturn, or you can capitalize on the more competitive marketplace and win with aggressive strategy that thinks outside the box.

We at Lounge Lizard Worldwide hope that you see the grand opportunities that exist today in the online marketing world for businesses willing to outthink, outmatch, and outlast. Never has so much potential been within the affordable, manageable reach of so many. We look forward to helping you grasp the market possibilities that are yours.

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