Greetings from Lounge Lizard!  In recent weeks we have seen a steady interest uptick towards rethinking, reframing, and redesigning.  As the economy rouses from slumber, and recessionary defense is shifting to forward-thinking confidence, businesses are stepping back and considering how best to market themselves in 2010.  They are asking themselves: what do we need to do differently?  How can we best position ourselves for the next major wave of economic activity?  And when should we start?

In this issue of the Libation, we address the tricky and sometimes frightening reality of change.  Businesses that adapt quickly are businesses that succeed and thrive.  Are you prepared to shift your thinking to meet today's challenges - and to create tomorrow's great success story?

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Moving On: The Top Signs That You Should Revisit and Rebrand
Change fills many with trepidation. Danger or opportunity, upheaval or progress: the turn of fortune that offers one business long term success often leaves another broken and bleeding. As the economy continues to improve and markets begin to settle, we at Lounge Lizard Worldwide have found that many of our clients now are asking the same question: when it the best time to invest in new marketing?

The truth is that the perfect moment is different from one business to the next. There are no fixed laws of market timing. However, we do recommend giving this question serious thought, especially now as the early days of economic recovery unfold. When should your business consider investing in a new online presence? When should you steer into the winds of change and make them work for you?

When economic realities change. Global economic conditions in 2010 are not what they were in 2005. Spending and saving patterns have dramatically shifted; political winds are blowing over new ground and popular cultural currents are sending dollars flowing in different directions than just a few years ago. If your website marketing - design, written content, your overall direction and specific message - is still communicating in the terms of a different economy, it needs to change. Other companies are currently redesigning for today's economy, and you should do the same.

When markets change. In any economic climate, some are winning and others are losing. Market dynamics do not always shift in perfect unison with larger economic trends, and the conditions present in your current market may well follow its own rules. Many major markets - energy, housing, finance - have experienced upheaval in recent years. However, businesses that still thrive in those arenas are doing do because they see the market shifts and change their strategies accordingly.

Is your market still behaving as it did when you last invested in your company's website? If not, then the online strategy that worked for you then may be hurting you now. It's time to rethink and invest in a new marketing direction that best capitalizes on today's marketplace and today's realities.

When customers themselves change. Demographic shifts happen all the time, and the customers you reached in 2005 have changed. They have aged. Their economic needs have shifted. Their jobs have grown more demanding. They have become more technologically sophisticated. Their interests have matured. Accordingly, the message that captured their imagination and won their trust a few years ago now may be falling on deaf ears - or may not even be reaching them at all.

Always remember that your online marketing speaks to individual human beings, real people who must navigate the problems of real life with the best tools they can find. How have they changed since you last captured their interest? Is your marketing still addressing their needs? If not - or if you're not sure - then it's time to revisit and restrategize. It's time to reach those people anew.

When your own goals and strategies change. Your business is not what it was a few years ago. As economic, market and demographic trends have shifted in different directions, you have been forced to adapt to turbulence. You have discovered new strengths and uncovered new weaknesses; you have opened up brave new opportunities and put old liabilities to rest forever. The fire of economic downturn has tempered your company's steel. And your long term goals have changed accordingly.

Does your website really reflect the face of your business today? Or, like an old high school yearbook photo, does it merely preserve an identity and image that now lives only in posterity? If your online marketing isn't properly aligned with your current objectives, now is the time to reorient your message.

When technology changes. While the economy has labored and markets have weathered dramatic turns of fortune, the last few years have seen a much different story in technology arenas. With the iPhone, Palm Pre and Google Android, mobile technology has experienced a radical leap forward in bringing the online experience to everyday fingertips.

No longer are websites confined to the viewing preferences of a few select web browsers. Now your online presence must speak to an army of mobile venues, ranging from the classic PC desktop to the latest generation of cell phones. Technology is changing fast, and in ways unanticipated just a few years ago. If your company's marketing is still confined to the browsing needs of the pre-mobile world, now is the time to revisit your strategies online. It's time to catch up with the technological demands that define today's modern digital society.

Is your business ready for a new look? A bold online presence, designed with a focus on long term marketing strategy? A digital identity crafted to fit today's marketplace, and that capitalizes on the real technological opportunities now unfolding for savvy marketers?

If so, the time has come to revisit and rebrand. Don't allow your business to rust with a website presence created to compete in a world now passed away. By investing in your future now, you can create real competitive advantage as you need it most - and lay the foundation for long term success.

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Tasty Tip:
Own your Brand Image
As you adapt to the new economy by launching new marketing campaigns, and creating more social presence, make sure to carry your brand with you. For example, how about adding a custom designed background to your Twitter profile that communicates your brand message? Always leverage your online audience!

Tech Tip
Detecting the Shifts in Customer Behavior
Part of the challenge is detecting when your customers are reacting to market changes. A good analytics package will tell you when a landing page is no longer drawing your customers in -- but that only takes you so far. Why not ask your website users how you are falling short? After all, the best feedback you can get is straight from the source. Try enticing a small sample of your visitors to answer a brief survey. Better yet, give them access to a live support module and watch your bounce rates drop as answers to their questions come into reach!

To find out about more proven techniques for reducing confusion and increasing your conversion rates, speak to one of the Lounge Lizard brandtenders today.

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Meeting Change And Making It Your Own
As 2010 gains momentum, businesses everywhere are busy determining how best to meet change on their own terms. Opportunities abound for companies with the vision to capitalize on them, and for digital marketers ready to leverage their natural advantages with energetic new online strategies.

We at Lounge Lizard Worldwide look forward to helping your business craft the comprehensive marketing programs that will make change work for you. Stay tuned for future issues of the Lounge Lizard Libation: today's voice in digital excellence, and your monthly guide to capturing today's most demanding online markets.

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