As we begin 2009, we're buckling in for a year full of change, shifting economic trends  and the emergence of new, dynamic markets that require competitive and cost effective strategic plans. Can your business afford to continue marketing the way you always  have? Or are you ready to try something new?

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Dramatic Interactive: Mixing Digital Delights To
Create Loyal Customers

An effective interactive marketing campaign draws on many disciplines and techniques, from website design and traditional Internet marketing to the brave new future of social networking and mobile interactivity. Many of the world's largest consumer-driven companies have spent years and endless resources in tapping these techniques, building new markets and establishing new, highly profitable brands in the digital world.

But your business does not need a Fortune 100 marketing budget to do the same thing. By carefully allocating your marketing efforts into a multi-stage interactive process, you can quickly transform a broad base of disinterested prospects into a focused group of loyal customers. All it takes is some imagination and flair - and a willingness to adopt some new marketing ideas, leading your prospects to where they wanted to go all along:

The interaction is the sale. The initial, "cold" interaction you have with your prospect almost certainly won't make a sale. So instead, concentrate on selling another low risk, minimal cost interaction that builds on your brand narrative, in turn leading to more focused levels of commitment from the prospect. For example, an email campaign can promote a free email newsletter, which in turn will promote your website, which itself can then offer mobile updates, games or social services that pave the way to sales. Use a careful plan of graded interactions to quickly build a strong, dynamic market base.

The audience is the cast. Even today, many businesses still think of marketing in terms of the old 20th century advertising model, in strategies aimed at converting disinterested, passive prospects into motivated buyers. But in today's interactive digital marketplace, the prospect is no longer a passive member of the audience: he or she is on stage, playing a part in the show. So put them to work! Solicit user feedback. Let them interact with each other. Plan ways for your audience to play parts in the drama you're presenting, and they'll become more personally invested in the campaign you're managing.

The experience is the goal. Regardless of the product or service that you sell, every one of your converted purchasers want the same thing: an experience that they would not have had without your help. That makes us all dramatists, weaving stories and creating spectacles in order to lead prospects to make wise purchasing decisions. Make the goal of your campaign the emotional experience of your audience, and they'll happily line up at your door.

So don't settle for limited ROIs of outdated marketing models. Instead, take advantage of dramatic technique and today's most advanced, cost effective interactive technologies to build loyal audiences - and to create the dynamic markets that drive bottom line sales and grow great brands.
Tasty Tip:
Your website's TITLE tag serves as one of the main classification variables that search engines such as Google use to determine site relevancy and rankings. Never simply list your company name in this tag - include within it the keywords you want to target. Carefully planned TITLE tag keywords are vital for search engine success!
Tech Tip
Your TITLE Tag - An Easy Tip For An SEO Boost
Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a long, complex effort for businesses marketing in highly competitive fields. But for many business websites, some very simple SEO techniques can offer an immediate jolt in their engine rankings - quickly increasing traffic and generating more sales. Some of the most effective techniques are also the easiest and least expensive!

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The tree is down, the parties are over, and we at Lounge Lizard Worldwide are back and hard at work creating the marketing campaigns that will win prospects, capitalize on opportunities and build great brands in 2009.

There's no question that this will be a year of change. Economic shifts will force many businesses to rethink how they do business, how they market, and how they define themselves and their customers. But grand opportunities are opening today and will continue to open tomorrow, offering success to the business wise enough to recognize and claim them.

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