Greetings from Lounge Lizard!  Businesses everywhere today are faced with the same challenge: to do more with less, and to ambitiously pursue new market penetration without risking the secure revenue bases that have made them successes.  In recent issues of the Lounge Lizard Libation, we've touched on ways to boost your brand and build your business.  This month, we touch on the power of message leverage: how the most successful brands make great strides, while only taking small steps.

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Breakthrough: “Tipping Point” Campaigns That Fire Rather Than Fizzle
When a 34-year-old domestic heater salesman in Pennsylvania lost his job following the stock market crash of 1929, he created a board game. First he sold it - at four dollars each - to friends and family, but then a few sales became a few hundred. And then, a few thousand. And then something happened.

People noticed. A lot of people. By the end of 1935 - in the midst of the Great Depression, and only two short years since first introducing his board game to the market - Charles Darrow retired from the royalties of his creation. By then, “Monopoly” was selling over 20,000 sets every week and had made Darrow a millionaire.

What makes a product an explosive “overnight” success? And what lessons can be learned and applied to your business? There is no substitute for good timing with a great product. However, in his book “The Tipping Point” , author Malcolm Gladwell identified the three vital components of any overnight success - and offered guidelines for anyone eager to launch an effective word-of-mouth campaign:

Make it “sticky”.
“Monopoly” succeeded because the central message of the game - real estate and financial empire building, but playfully presented with a lighthearted and cartoonish twist - reflected perfectly the uncertainty and day-to-day concerns that pervaded American culture in the mid-1930s. Monopoly's theme was “sticky”; when people played the game, they wanted to play it again. Its message stuck with people.

Focus on the few.
Every overnight success - “Monopoly” being no exception - has had its roots in the exponential power of personal recommendation: one person tells two, two tell four, and pretty soon a thousand are telling a million. However, not all recommendations are equal, as some have much more influence and are willing to spread the word more rapidly than others. To lay the foundation for success, Gladwell suggests, a successful “tipping point” campaign must be carefully planned to identify those vital demographics quickly - and to reach influential customers effectively.

“Monopoly” struck gold because it was introduced at the right place and at the right time. Your message will be remembered - or forgotten - based on how well it fits into the cultural climate in which it is introduced. How well does your campaign's theme fit within the context of today's trends and social moods? Don't guess: deliberative research beforehand can ensure your success when it counts.

In today's increasingly competitive and challenging economic climate, businesses everywhere are seeking new and more effective ways to stretch the reach of their marketing dollar. Focused efforts can create powerful results. With deliberate planning and the right message, you too can create an overnight sensation that leads to lasting market dominance - and without spending a fortune to do so.
Tasty Tip:
The Discovery of the Vision.
Before a proper design and site development can be executed, the “Discovery Phase” must take place. It has been our experience over the years that without having a deep understanding of a client’s needs and objectives, an accurate, concise, functional website cannot be achieved.

Tech Tip
Great Planning Leads to Great Execution
Here at Lounge Lizard, our project lifecycle methodology includes a discovery phase incorporating the creation of a site map and site wireframes. The creation of these invaluable tools can be the difference between well executed site development and a never-ending project. In order to best facilitate your new website or a redesigned website, you should always prepare the preliminary documentation outlining your site architecture and the specific functionality you wish to see incorporated on your website.

To find out more about Lounge Lizard's methodology or preliminary documentation, speak to one of the Lounge Lizard brand tenders today.

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Positive Messages, Realistic Goals
Opportunities are everywhere today: while many parts of the economy are contracting, many others are thriving and growing. By choosing your targets carefully and investing your resources where they will do the most good, you will do more than survive the recession. You'll come out of it as a powerhouse.

Lounge Lizard Worldwide builds effective marketing campaigns rooted in realistic, achievable goals and sound market planning. Ask us today how we can create the edge your business needs - and how you can get the most bang from your marketing buck.

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