Greetings from Lounge Lizard!  In recent weeks we have seen a steady interest uptick towards rethinking, reframing, and redesigning.  As the economy rouses from slumber, and recessionary defense is shifting to forward-thinking confidence, businesses are stepping back and considering how best to market themselves in 2010.  They are asking themselves: what do we need to do differently?  How can we best position ourselves for the next major wave of economic activity?  And when should we start?

In this issue of the Libation, we address the tricky and sometimes frightening reality of change.  Businesses that adapt quickly are businesses that succeed and thrive.  Are you prepared to shift your thinking to meet today's challenges - and to create tomorrow's great success story?

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Integrating Excellence: On Creating The Ideal Customer Experience
Interactive marketing. Social media planning. Email outreach. Mobile communications. At first glance, the list of marketing's available flavors can be dizzying - even intoxicating - for the savvy business owner eager to make the most of a valuable marketing dollar. Given the dramatic changes that have so transformed the digital marketing landscape in recent years, where should the discriminating taste seeker begin? And more importantly, how can you ensure the results your business needs?

The key to making any digital marketing plan work is integration, a holistic effort to shape individual pieces of marketing potential into a seamless whole that dazzles and delivers. At Lounge Lizard Worldwide, we stress the importance of these vital - and yet often overlooked - steps towards turning digital wizardry into a cohesive strategic sales process and market victory.

Start with an attractive customer experience
. The horizon of today's marketing landscape is defined by creative passions, startling new digital technologies and bold promises - any of which can secure the success of your business. But only if you start with the people meant to enjoy them.

How do you want your business to be seen, felt, and remembered by those who interact with your brand? Do you want them to fall in love with you? Respect you as a powerhouse and industry giant? Any image is possible to the marketer who can weave an attractive tapestry that draws customers into the experience that they want. Start with a clear idea of the effect you wish to achieve, and allow that image to inform the rest of your integrated marketing plan.

Promote collaboration and avoid competition. If your individual marketing efforts aren't designed from the beginning to collaborate with each other, it is inevitable that they will compete - and waste time, energy and money that is better spent competing with other businesses. Don't create a horse race between your competing marketing initiatives: instead, build your plan on an awareness of how each sales process carefully supports and informs your outreach effort as a whole.

Pull, don't push.
Traditional advertising has always been a "push" medium: an outreach method that seeks to distract and direct, with sales conversion as the ultimate goal. While such a campaign today can still be effective if done correctly, we have found that these techniques now rarely offer the rich, full bodied customer experience that a well-integrated interactive marketing campaign can accomplish.

Unlike the last generation of advertising campaigns, today's modern marketing successes are created by pulling customers in with tantalizing and well-timed information releases. Rather than attempting to push them into impulsive decisions, give them the control - and orchestrate your individual efforts to gracefully guide your customers to the outcomes that they wanted all along.

Follow your feedback. The strongest advantage to using an integrated marketing strategy is the ability to receive and make good use of regular customer feedback. The most successful interactive campaigns today are those that solicit customer participation: user reviews, collaborative content, customer engagement in social media outlets. Building regular customer feedback gives participants a greater sense of investment in the success of your business and your brand.

More importantly, an integrated effort to solicit customer feedback provides you with an invaluable intelligence resource. How much do you really know about what your customers are thinking? Find out in real time - and adapt your marketing as quickly as trends begin to change. Integrating feedback mechanisms into each component of your marketing is the most effective way to ensure the long term success of your sales program.

Resist the siren song of the magic bullet. This year's hype is yesterday's forgotten trend, and while today's modern marketer has their pick of a breathtaking range of digital delights and powerful strategic options, you should never rely on a single tool to do every job. Don't bet the business on a magic bullet: no one technique or technology ever beats the power of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Social media achieves it's full potential when combined with a great website presence and a solid customer retention strategy. Interactive marketing works hand in hand with search engine strategy to achieve success. There is no such thing as the one strategy that beats all others. Only by evaluating all of your options at once - with an eye towards the big picture of creating an integrated, ideal customer experience - can you transform your sales potential into unlimited marketplace success.

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Tasty Tip:
Leverage Landing Pages
Designing a site and writing web content can be difficult when your business targets a fragmented audience. Landing pages are specialized one-pagers that appeal to a single demographic, or are dedicated to one marketing offer. Short, focused statements mean more conversions of your potential clients into paying customers!

Tech Tip
Retain Customers with Email Marketing
If you are reading this message, you should already understand many of the benefits of running an email campaign. Maintaining an open dialogue with your customers builds relationships and establishes loyalty. It sounds like a no-brainer, but there are also some caveats to watch out for. For instance, newsletters and promotions will be most effective if they service more than just your sales pipeline. Know your customers and know what information they seek. If you can become proficient at identifying and solving their daily problems, they will be more likely to stick with you. Above all, provide them with value.

To find out about more proven techniques for customer retention, speak to one of the Lounge Lizard brandtenders today.

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At Lounge Lizard Worldwide, we do more than create the digital masterpieces that capture the hearts and minds of your customers. We also show you how to intelligently wield all the tools at your disposal to turn great ideas into consistently successful marketing strategies - and to transform today's good impression into lasting, long term market impact. Ask us today how our team of creative wizards can build the effective marketing program that your business needs and deserves.

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