With the early months of 2009 now behind us, we take a moment in this month's Libation to catch our breath and reflect on recovery.  May is an excellent time of the year to assess performance and glean intelligence from the turbulent sea of business activity: to compare history with ambition, and to make the course adjustments that will sail you into a successful summer and fall.

This month we talk about the business intelligence side of interactive marketing.  Are you doing enough to make the most of the technology resources at your disposal?

Sharpen your   brand and reach    out to the vast  mobile marketplace with the interactive  magic that wins   today's most  lucrative business. 

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Intelligence: Weaving Smart Decision Making Into An Interactive Campaign
Seductive images. Charming sounds. Witty, deliberate words. The bold - and subtle - expressions that capture the imagination, directing the senses towards a captivating and motivating experience. These are very often the main focus of any successful marketing campaign, because they represent the point where your audience meets your business - where you establish a vital beachhead with your prospect.

Unfortunately, too many interactive campaign efforts stop with artistic fulfillment, when an array of powerful technologies are available to turn that beachhead into a firm and lasting market victory.

At heart, your interactive application is a database: a virtual reservoir of timely information about your website visitors and the behavior of your audience. By leveraging this data effectively, you can claim priceless insights into your business while creating the sustainable marketing platform best suited to transform the attention of your prospects into lasting sales.

We at Lounge Lizard Worldwide recommend considering these features for your next interactive marketing effort.

Content Analytics. Can you tell at a glance what website pages are receiving the most attention, or what click patterns are the most prevalent among your visitors? With a comprehensive set of content analytic features, you can quickly analyze the behavior of your online audience and accurately determine which digital content is having the most powerful effect. Additionally, a solid content analytic platform can track your performance on search engines, PPC (Pay Per Click) and mass email campaigns, telling you fast which ones are giving you the best returns on your investment.

Conversion Analysis. Which visitors are reading and which ones are buying? Window shoppers and serious prospects don't behave the same - but without a way to track the visitor patterns that lead to conversion, you'll never tell one from the other. Learn everything you can about the audience behaviors most likely to lead to sales. Include automated conversion analysis in your campaign.

Administrative Management. How easily can you manage, adapt and expand your application? With a modern CMS (Content Management System) administrative interface, a few keystrokes can quickly turn your application back in the right direction - and your website visitors back into your sales cycle.

Optimized Search. For websites containing large amounts of content, the flat site map of yesteryear is simply inadequate. Instead, consider including an optimized search feature that allows your visitors to use your interactive application on their own terms - and that provides you with the tools to track the decisions they make in using your content. An optimized search platform can be a perfect tool for analyzing your audience's preferred reading habits in real, concrete terms.

Creative magic is only ever the start. To serve as a comprehensive, powerful sales device, an effectively designed interactive application must also help you analyze, establish, plan and build upon your successes. And the information it offers should remind you of where you were, while pointing towards the best road to where you are going.

So don't stop your campaign efforts with the surface impressions. Planning your application with business intelligence in mind does more than simply tracking your website hits. It gives you greater mastery over your business, and affords you the accurate information you need to make your campaign - and future ones - an ongoing success.

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Tasty Tip:
Micro-blog Research.
Twitter has become one of the largest micro-blogging web sites today, but this platform can be leveraged for more than telling your friends when you're going to your Aunt's house. Twitter can be used as a valuable tool for market research. For example, a movie studio may want to search how many tweets were made about seeing the latest Star Trek™ movie and what those people thought afterwards. Your company can also employ this tool to your advantage.

Tech Tip
Use Facebook Connect to empower your site.
In an era where social networking is becoming second nature to a large part of society, companies need to recognize the power of using these social networking platforms to their advantage. Facebook is one such platform which allows other web sites to securely exchange information to and from Facebook accounts. The API, known as Facebook Connect, comes with a powerful feature-set, including event scheduling, and photo and video sharing, just to name a few.

Talk to the Lounge Lizard Tech Heads today to discuss how Facebook Connect may benefit your company.

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Last Call: Opportunities Found In Timely Intelligence
Opportunity rests in knowledge: strategic wisdom culled from detailed analysis of your business activity, using all the technological resources at your disposal. As you reflect on this year to date and assess your performance and plans for the remaining of 2009, make sure you have the wisdom you need.

Lounge Lizard Worldwide creates the marketing technologies that do more than attract the eye and rouse the heart. We build the powerful tools you need to transform user activity into sound business planning. Ask us today how our design team can help you leverage opportunities with clear, far strategic vision.

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