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Targeting Myth Markets In The New Interactive Landscape
In the old days of classic advertising, everyone's goal was to "capture mindshare": to convince select groups of discriminating and deliberative demographics that a certain product or service was logically a better purchase than its competitors. The features of mindshare marketing included abstract and dry business school buzzwords, such as "unique selling propositions", "conversion targeting" and "long term buying premises" - all very useful concepts, particularly if you happen to be selling shaving cream. Or car tires. Or lumber.

But what if your product or service is introducing a startlingly new market, rather than competing in an old one?

What if your product or service is so new, so revolutionary, that you essentially are selling an idea?

What if the old ways simply aren't working anymore?

Successful businesses everywhere are now busy stretching into new fields, merging ideas and technologies to invent new paradigms of how people interrelate and make buying decisions. The race is now on among today's technology giants to stake claims on the vibrant intersections of convergent mobile platforms. And forward thinking marketers are realizing that, in a world that blurs the lines between traditional communications, Web interactivity, social networking and mobile digital technology, we cannot afford to be bound to the 1950's-era unique selling proposition. To succeed in this brave new world of digital identity, our communications must go beyond yesterday's buzzwords, to directly target the enduring cultural myths that we use to define ourselves and our lives.

Myths surround us. Thousands of complex storylines interweave through our culture, placing each of us at an intersection of meaning and self-definition. And as communicators, they provide us with powerful tools to deliver marketing messages to take the interactive digital world by storm.

Consider just a few of the cultural myths available to the interactive marketer today:

The Primacy Of Now. The world is moving fast, and you don't have a second to waste. The promises and concerns of tomorrow pale in comparison with the vital potentials that lay wait in this very moment. Are you waiting for tomorrow to come? By tapping into this myth, you declare that this priceless moment will never come again - so grab it while you can, and hold on tight.

The Impossible Dream.
Every man is a hero when he stands against impossible odds, declaring that the world cannot and will not stand in his way. We are all revolutionaries, this myth tells us - and by declaring our individual will against the forces of conformity, we will change the world.

Daring Deconstruction.
There is a message behind the message, this myth says, a secret and more meaningful life behind the thin facade that others stretch over the world we live in. Don't be fooled; don't be satisfied. Question authority and use your own talents to deconstruct the intellectual prison of cheap illusions, painting a richer and more authentic portrait to illuminate life for the rest of us.

The Coolhunt. In this cultural myth, the essence of "cool" is in the spontaneous eye of the beholder - if you have to hunt to find it, then it isn't "cool". This myth encourages us to trust our own tastes and celebrate our own values in a world constantly attempting to impress the "coolhunt" onto us.

The King Is Dead. This myth focuses on the authority figures of old, the commonly accepted wisdom that now must be pried from the hands of the last generation, to soon be passionately reimagined for a new world. By celebrating the new and young over the old and established, this cultural current smashes conventional habit and standard - and elevates the courageous heart, who boldly steps forward to claim the throne.

These and countless other cultural narratives are available to drive your message home. And in a world becoming more fluid, more commonly malleable with each new iPhone app and social Web extension, you cannot afford to rest your company's future on yet another round of stale unique selling propositions and dry mission statements. You must charge forward and make these myths your own.

So be creative. Be imaginative. Be daring. Weave bold new narratives and tell compelling stories. By consciously tapping into the cultural memories that drive our world, you will win the hearts you need to make new ones - and to create dynamic new successes in today's increasingly interconnected marketplace.

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Tasty Tip:
Embracing Google APIs
Google is the host of a number of developer tools and APIs that add can add value to your website. While Google Maps is one of the most commonly used APIs, there are plenty to investigate. Charts, Checkout, Friend Connect, Gadgets, OpenSocial, Visualizations, and more!

Tech Tip
The Android Platform
According to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, Android adoption is "about to explode". With 12 Android-based phones out, and more on the way, now may be the time to assess integrating the Android platform into your mobile strategy. The iPhone has shown us how mobile apps can be used to deliver powerful marketing messages to the masses. Clearly, the next era of mobile computing is upon us. If you want to enhance your brand's reach, and achieve new levels of user engagement, it's time to get on board.

Talk to Lounge Lizard today about how to you should approach Android and the rest of your mobile marketing strategy.

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