Greetings from Lounge Lizard!  September means different things to different people: the end of summer, the start of fall, going back to school, business picking up.  For many it marks a period of busy distraction, and for others the start of a restful stretch towards the holidays.

In this issue of the Lounge Lizard Libation, we pick up on last month's discussion about market segmentation with its most vital strategic partner: market retargeting.  Every prospect who visits your website approaches with different needs, timetables, motivations and buying behaviors.  How can you learn more about them - and use that data to reinforce your message?  Read on to find out.
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Aiming Again: How Retargeting Can Radically Boost Your Website Conversions
Some popular sales techniques preach that conversion - transforming an interested prospect into a readily paying customer - is purely a numbers game. If you simply pitch your wares to enough people, the thinking goes, sooner or later someone is bound to buy. Behind this idea is another one: that if this prospect doesn't want to buy, you should cut your losses quickly and go on to someone new.

While there may be some truth in that philosophy, the unfortunate end result for many businesses is a lot of wasted efforts, and depleted resources spent fruitlessly on the constant and neverending search for new prospects. But is there a better alternative to the grind of endlessly hunting down cold prospects? What about those website visitors who came and left again - but now may be more willing to buy?

Market retargeting - also called remessaging, or remarketing - is the art of reapproaching the prospect who got away. This marketing technique recognizes that your best prospects aren't the result of random chance, but are in fact those people who already know you. They may have visited your website. They may have browsed your offerings but simply never converted the first time around. And they represent your best chances for converting an almost-sale into a loyal customer.

We at Lounge Lizard consider options for retargeting strategy in most long term interactive marketing campaigns we manage. For best results, we recommend the following tactics to our clients.

Distinguish between different segments of your nonconverts. Implementing a detailed website analytics package will help you distinguish between very important segments of your unconverted visitors. How many visited your site briefly, never to be seen again? How many nonconverts got as far as to fill their shopping cart before leaving? Analyzing your user behavior can reveal important things about your marketing needs - while empowering you to automatically adapt your online sales content to segmented cross-sections of your prospect base.

Vary your offer in creatively subtle ways
. An effective retargeting campaign aims to approach website visitors again with a subtly varied approach, extending a better offer under terms that they will hopefully find more attractive. Combining a retargeting strategy with modern analytic and adaptive online content technologies, your website can automatically shift strategy in order to find the sales message most likely to connect with visitors.

Consider retargeting marketing options that extend beyond your own website.
A variety of digital media options exist for the enterprising marketer, such as online advertising networks designed to accommodate retargeting campaigns. One might be the perfect marketing solution for your business.

Think beyond the banner ad. When most marketers talk about retargeting, they refer to media buys and banner ads. But with the right developmental strategy, your website can deliver retargeted sales content to returning users on an adaptive basis. Consider how your website application can shift its normal operation in ways that recognize user behavior, quickly adapting with presentations specifically catered to a retargeted website visitor.

Plan carefully and early - don't improvise.
Market retargeting is all about intelligence: gathering accurate data, and extracting useful, effective market information in a manner that can be used to enrich and extend your prospect base. Don't embark on that task unprepared, or without a well considered plan based on sound market reasoning and accurate data. The more control you have at the beginning, the better results you will achieve in the end.

Retargeting gets results. Don't let your past prospects vanish into the distance, leaving you to continue blindly aiming for a new shot at the numbers game. With the right marketing strategy, you can quickly gather and use the intelligence you need to finally hit the bullseye - and win over more loyal customers.

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Cloud Computing
If you've been looking for hosting infrastructure, you may have heard the term. Without getting too technical, cloud computing is a broad group of technologies that allow for new levels of scalability. Rather than investing in a server farm, cloud computing allows you to pay for only what you need, and rapidly react to changes in demand. It also happens to be the platform behind all of Lounge Lizard's web hosting plans.

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Link-building Strategies
When you are thinking about SEO and how you plan to market your website, don't forget the importance of link-building. Search engines rate your website in part based on how many other websites are recommending your content with links. So how do you get quality links to your website? Take advantage of social media! Post your most valuable content to Digg, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also create content for others -- write an article for a popular blog, or answer questions in a forum related to your industry. The best strategies incorporate a number of these and other methods.

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